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Coolpad FAQS – Android Updates | Service Centres India


  • 1. Where all do you have service centers? Coolpad has more than 240+ service centers across India. Click here to view the list.
  • 2. What screen protection do you have? Coolpad Note 3 has NEG glass which is high intensity scratch resistant.
  • 3. Amazon doesn’t deliver products worth Rs.5000 and more in Uttar Pradesh. How do we get the phone? COD is not available currently in certain areas due to few restrications. However, if you make online payment, delivery will be done at these places.
  • 4. Does the phone get heated up? In normal usage, the phone does not get heated. However, under heavy usage, you will experience that the phone gets heated. Even in times of phone getting heated up, it can be used conveniently.
  • 5. What about the official accessories? The team is working on the accessories and will realease it shortly in India.
  • 6. Will the phone get the Android 6.0 Updates Since the Android version 6.0 is just launched, the RD team is evaluating the release. The outcome will be issued once the evaluation is complete.


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  1. There is no list of service centres in Mumbai or Thane Maharashtra. I have been using Coolpad mobiles since nearly 5 years and had to buy new handsets as no service centres were available.


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